Howell, Michigan

Howell, Michigan is a city near mid-Michigan. As of the census in the year 2010, the city has a population of 9,400+ which makes it quite small in regard to a city. Howell is located in Livingston County. A bit of a fun fact about Howell is that although Howell Township contains most of the city of Howell, Howell is politically Independence from the township.

Consider yourself in luck if you're heading to Howell for a fun filled day, week, or weekend. Howel is home to an almost unlimited number of fun and exciting events and festivals that are celebrated all year long. Amongst the most notable festival that takes place in Howell has to be, without a doubt, the Michigan Challenge Balloonfest.

The Michigan Challenge Balloonfest is an event that occurs every June in Howell. It generally takes place during the end of June and activities are plentiful to say the least. In fact, they include balloon launches, fireworks, crafts, and even a mini carnival. It's quite a fun tradition that takes place every year and people in the area can count on for quite a bit of fun!

Also notable, however, the "Legend of Sleepy Howell." The Legend of Sleepy Howell is the a fun and exciting event that takes place before the Halloween. The Legend of Sleepy Howell includes events like the Headless Horseman 5k and 10k and plenty of other family friendly events! We should take this time to thank the sponsors for putting on such a great event every single year. Citizens Insurance, Countryside Veterinary Hospital, Lake Trust Credit Union, Community Bible Church, Kensington Woods Schools, 1st National Bank and Dr. Sam Daniels. Without them the event might not be as thriving as it is!