Lansing Limo Bus Frequently Asked Questions

Is drinking allowed on your vehicles?

Yes. Drinking is permitted on every Lansing Limo Bus vehicle, provided the passengers are of legal drinking age.

Is smoking allowed on your vehicles?

No. Smoking is not permitted on any Lansing Limo Bus vehicle. However, there is no limit to the amount of stops (or smoke breaks) that can be taken during the course of your reservation.

Do you stock your vehicles with alcohol?

No. State regulation does not allow Lansing Limo Bus to provide alcohol to our passengers. Food and drink is permitted on our vehicles, but it must be supplied by the passenger.

What is the minimum age allowed to rent your vehicles?

We require that the contract holder be at least 18 years of age to rent a Lansing Limo Bus vehicle.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Lansing Limo Bus accepts all major credit cards. We also accept payment by cash, travelers checks, and pre-approved checks drafted from local banks.

Is a chauffeur tip included in the cost?

Yes. A minimum gratuity is included in the booking price, though our courteous and reliable staff of chauffeurs welcome any additional gratuity our passengers feel is appropriate.

Is a deposit required to book a vehicle?

Yes. Lansing Limo Bus requires a deposit for all reservations. Please contact our reservation specialists today to find out more.

Can we change our route during the trip?

Yes. Our passengers are permitted unlimited stops and unlimited mileage for the duration of their reservation. There is no extra charge should you decide to change your itinerary during the course of the evening.

Are your vehicles registered?

Yes. All of the limousines and buses in the Lansing Limo Bus fleet have been inspected and verified by the state as compliant with all Michigan Department of Transportation regulations.