Perry Restaurant & Bar Guide

Perry Corners Diner

3034 Lansing Road
Perry, MI 48872
(517) 625-5566

Attached to the back of a truck stop, don't let that deter you from trying this gem at 3034 Lansing Road. Fancy dining this place is not, but good wholesome fare. The wait staff are exceptional as they make you feel very welcome and they know the menu like the back of their hand. If you give this place a try, which you should, go for breakfast your first time. The quality and portions sizes are phenomenal. If you are looking for a place that is consistently good but don't care about the décor, this is it.

Cafe Sports

710 North Main
Perry, MI 48872
(517) 625-6060

The atmosphere here is very interesting in that it really gives off the air of a sports bar, it even has a volleyball court behind the building. But in the food department, you will be shocked to receive entrees prepared from only fresh ingredients. They are famous for their wings for which they have numerous sauces that you can peruse and try. And when you go, you do not want to pass on the chance to have some tremendous desserts like their Lava Cake or Deep Fried Oreos. If its a quick meal or a group setting, check out 710 North Main.

China Garden

3060 Britton Road
Perry, MI 48872
(517) 625-6888

Who is in the mood for Chinese? If it is you, then you need to run to 3060 Britton Road as fast as you can. This is not fast food Americanized Chinese, this is very traditional. If we can make a suggestion, try the Crab Rangoon and fried rice, you will be in heaven. And just a warning before you go. Your portion will be so large that you will you will have meals for the next couple of days. The staff knows Chinese food very well and this is a plus for you because you are assured of getting the real deal. There is nothing imitation about this place.

Charlie's Bar & Grill

136 North Main Street
Perry, MI 48872
(517) 625-3323

The service is outstanding, the beer is cold, and the food is delicious. What more could one ask for. Don't expect to see just bar food either because they have a full dinner menu. The atmosphere could best be described as rustic and the people are very friendly and that includes the staff and the patrons. They have some very unique tasting sandwiches including the Johnny Rocket and the Club Grinder. When you want to feel like you are one of the regulars, hop on into 136 North Main Street.

Brent's Pizza

123 North Main
Perry, MI 48872
(517) 625-4115

There are so many places where a pizza is nothing special. In fact, you feel like you are eating a piece of cardboard with some cheap sauce and a little bit cheese thrown on top. Not at Brent's. They offer fresh, tasty and affordable pizza every time. If you feel like something else, they also offer some great over baked subs and salads. This is one of those diamonds in the rough because it consistently serves you quality and you will never be disappointed. Make 123 North Main a regular stop when you need your pizza fix.

Tammy's Bakery & Cafe

115 South Main Street
Perry, MI 48872
(517) 625-4001

If you are a true dough boy or dough girl, we have the place for you. Their baked goods will put you into such a warm fuzzy place, you won't know what to do with yourself. They keep the coffee coming. And the waitstaff is so friendly and welcoming, that when you leave you won't believe what just happened. In this fast paced world where no one gets to chance to stop and breathe and think anymore, visiting 115 South Main Street might be the closest you will get to a simpler, laid back time.