East Lansing, Michigan

If you're looking for fun in the East Lansing area then the good news is that you're in luck! East Lansing offers great leisure opportunities for fun at nearly every corner! If you're looking for fun and exciting places to visit or you're looking for lazy and laid back fun things to do then you're definitely in luck! With East Lansing's downtown area centered around Grand River Avenue, you'll be certain to find plenty of do in regards to killing time and having some fun. The street is lined with college-oriented businesses since Michigan State University is the king of East Lansing. On Grand River Avenue, you'll find establishments such as bars, tanning salons, coffee shops, head shops, restaurants, and of course bookstores.

If you've got children, don't fret! We've got you covered. Maybe you're passing through East Lansing on your way to or from a specific destination and you'll be spending the day in order to stretch your legs out a bit but you've got children and you're worried they'll be bored in a college town. That's understandable and honestly a very legitimate thought. However, East Lansing is packed full of fun and exciting things to do that are not only great for adults but also fun for children!

Consider heading over to the 4-H Children's Garden it is an outdoor garden area that is set right inside Michigan State University's campus. Not only is the 4-H Children's Garden beautiful but it's also the best place for young children to learn about botany and science. The garden also offers fun and exciting interactive activities that will teach students how to take care of their green thumbs, plant and maintain a garden, and more.

Of course if the kiddos aren't with you that's okay too. There are plenty of adult-related activities to take part in even if you find that you're not necessarily a night-owl. In fact, East Lansing has some of the most fun and exciting places to visit and activities to take part in. From the Michigan State Capitol building to the Potter Park Zoo, R.E. Olds Transportation Museum, Turner-Dodge House & Heritage Center, and even spending some time in Sleepy Hollow State Park.

When it comes to East Lansing, you'll find that you have plenty of things to do! So come on by and do some exploring and you'll be certain that you leave with a great impression of the area. Just be sure to get to a bed quickly because you will surely be exhausted!